Attesoro Instructions - Executing


Once you have downloaded Attesoro, downloaded the Java runtime, and installed the Java runtime, you are ready to start Attesoro. There are three ways to start the program:
  1. Double click on the icon for the Attesoro jar file.
    On Windows, the icon will look something like this:
    Attesoro.jar, Executable Jar File
  2. If java has not been associated with jar files properly, you may need to open a command window and issue the command line:
    java -jar attesoro.jar
  3. There is another command line that will work as well:
    java -classpath attesoro.jar com.Ostermiller.attesoro.Editor
Attesoro's main window when the program is launched. Attesoro as it looks when it is first run, before any files are open.