About Attesoro


Attesoro was written to help translators translate Java programs more effectively. When he was programming TulipChain, Stephen Ostermiller, found that many translators had a hard time working with the properties files. Especially when the translator was using a non ISO-8859-1 language such as Polish or Chinese.


Attesoro is named after the Rosetta stone. This famous stone had the same writing in three languages and helped modern scientist decode Egyptian hieroglyphics. Attesoro is "O' Rosetta" backwards and Italian it roughly translates to "A Treasure".


Several helpful people have contributed to Attesoro.

  • Thank you to Carlo Magnaghi for fixing bugs and writing documentation.
  • Thank you to Wojciech Sobczuk for bug reports.
  • Thank you to Jaroslaw Pekala for the Polish translation.