Attesoro Instructions - Opening Files

Opening Files

You should now select the file to translate; note that Java programs use a different file for each language all sharing the same header; for example:


The first is the base file (the one used by the Java program if a localized file cannot be found), the other are localized files (for English and Italian in this case).

Select the Open item in the File menu; Attesoro displays a file selection dialog; Each of the base files should show up. Select the base file that you wish to translate. Attesoro will automatically open all languages associated with the base file.

Attesoro open file dialog. Attesoro open file dialog.
Attesoro after opening Attesoro after opening

Finding Files to Translate

The program that you are translating should come with instructions for locating the properties files. You may be given them in a directory or they in a jar archive. If they are in a jar archive, you will need to extract them to your local file system.

Jar files are the same as zip files so you can rename the jar file to a zip file and then use any unzip program to extract the contents. Alternately you can use the jar tool that comes with Java. It accepts a command line something like this:
jar xfv file.jar
Translation files have the extension ".properties".

Command Line

Console users may wish to specify the name of the file to translate on the command line they start Attesoro.